An amazing journey. Learnt a lot about myself and met some amazing people!

I started the journey extremely excited about the prospects of integration. I wasn’t sure how it would be given the pandemic as I felt this sort of work would be more productive in person. However, having large and small group sessions in the monthly meetings did make this a lot more interactive than I thought. I remember mixed emotions after the first few meetings. Although excited, I was overwhelmed by the number of ideas I had. I didn’t know how ‘big’ to go. Was I being too ambitious in my aims and objectives? Did I need to be more realistic with my goals and final achievement?

I soon realised this was a common feeling amongst my fellow PICH team members who were also embarking on this journey.


As the journey continued, I was privileged to be part of some amazing discussions and met great, passionate individuals.

I learnt a great deal about the idea of integration and even implemented some keys changes into primary care before the end of the academic year.


I hope to continue using what I’ve learnt and encourage others to embark on this amazing journey.