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Health beyond the hospital – what I never knew, I never knew about Public Health!

When I started PICH I was working in Intensive Care, in what I thought was the frontline of NHS healthcare and all that it represents. This was an intense working environment and I had so much to learn clinically that I felt slightly lost in taking Integrated Care approaches forward. Despite this I still found it incredibly valuable thinking about patient journeys from the perspective of the families and children themselves and the conversations I had with these families and…

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My PICH story – Cate Luce

  Top Tips Involve your patient from the very beginning of your project Identify your stakeholders and consider what would be their motivating factors to ensure their engagement Use available databases Consider the learning points even when things don’t go according to plan Do things outside your comfort zone to make your project more interesting   If I could do it again…. Don’t jump into an idea straight away Spend more time talking to parents within their own environment Consider…

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My PICH Story – Miriam Cabib

Before I started PICH I already had a number of potential projects in mind, but little experience of what integrated care means. I was slightly nervous about joining the programme because I knew that it was quite likely that I would be the only non-clinical person in the room. I must say that all my worries were gone after the first meeting though: everyone was really nice, inclusive and open to listen to different views! Being a project manager for…

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