Summary from PICH November 2019 – QI principles

This month the theme was QI principles and techniques.

We heard from Kiran Rahim (from the QI change champions at the London School of Paediatrics) about the key components of QI many of which are very applicable in integrated care work.
Particularly the model for improvement;

AIM – being really focussed in any project work you do about what you aim to change

MEASURE – how will you know you are achieving your aim

CHANGE – how will we know if our change makes an improvement?

And then using the PDSA (plan, do, study, act) approach. Small nudges with constant reassessment and adjustment to work out what is changing, why, how can we improve further…

Mando reminded us at the end that the overall objective of PICH isn’t to make change, its much more about the journey you go on and what you learn in the process. But if you also manage to make change then that’s brilliant!

The full slides will go on the website soon.