My PICH Story

I started my PICH journey feeling a little apprehensive about what the experience would be like in the context of Covid and with the prospect of the course being run entirely virtually. However, in the midst of the pandemic, PICH was a refreshingly positive experience and I quickly found myself really looking forward to the sessions each month. It was a welcome chance to connect with passionate individuals with shared interests and ideas.

The project I have been most proud of this year has been setting up a child health hub in my local primary care network. Never having developed a service before, it is a feat that I could never have imagined being possible at the beginning of the year. PICH however gave me the opportunity to meet inspirational people who empowered me to push my project forward and connected me with other key stake holders who provided help and guidance.

PICH has taught me invaluable lessons about the importance of patient experience, the strengths and challenges of integrated working and how data can be used to help influence change. My journey has been about much more than just the end “project” and has helped me to develop skills that I hope will help me to deliver integrated care throughout my career.


Top Tips to Share:

  • Engage with the challenges set by the mentors each month to gain first-hand experience of integrated care. These small challenges will help lead you to other learning opportunities and project ideas
  • Use the contacts that you make during PICH for advice and support

 If I could do it all again:

If I had my year again I would worry less about the end goal of completing a “project” and enjoy the journey more along the way. The true value of PICH for me has been the opportunity to build confidence in understanding the principles of integrated care and the different ways we can apply these principles to our every day practice.