PICH 18/19 Learning seminar June 2019

We had a really interesting session on Wednesday 5th June.
In the 6pm mentoring session two of this year’s participants took us on their PICH journeys so far.
First of all we heard from Cate Luce, talking about supporting parents on the neonatal unit, building shared guidelines and exploring reasons parents bring newborn babies to the ED.
Then Hannah Opstad told us about her SOCKS project teaching primary school children about cyber bullying and online safety. Soon to be rolled out across Haringey!
In the 7pm public seminar, the Point of Care Foundation talked about their work facilitating ‘experience-based co-design’ (EBCD) – a quality improvement methodology using film to tell patients’ stories and drive change.
Finally we heard from the neonatal team at St Mary’s who have introduced ‘family integrated care’. This empowers parents to take on the tasks of caring for their child on the unit (feeds, medications, changes, etc.) – reducing length of stay and increasing breastfeeding rates.
The starting block for EBCD can be observation (sitting in a physical space within the clinical environment and watching how patients navigate the space) or shadowing (following a patient on their physical journey through one care encounter). We’d like to challenge you to do a mini version of either of these – maybe spend some time sitting in a waiting area or join a patient as they move between professionals. How do your observations allow you to see patients’ journeys from a different perspective?