How do I apply to PICH?

Entry to PICH is via an application process, applicants must the online application form. Applications for the programme OPEN NOW! until 30th September 2023

Who can apply?

Anyone! The course is aimed at paediatric  or GP trainee, or First Five GPs in the London Deanery.  It is designed for senior trainees – ideally ST5 or above for paediatrics, or GPST2 and above . Applications will be considered from anyone – including allied health professionals, parents, pharmacists so please do apply. We will consider applications from outside of London as the virtual post-covid world makes this possible.

How am I going to fund the £250 course fee?

The fee can be claimed back via the HEE study leave processes for all eligible for this (all paediatric trainees and some GP trainees). For others we have some avenues of funding we are researching, so if the payment is an issue preventing you from participating get in touch and we will do our best to help you find a funding source. Options for GPs include SPIN programmes which come with funding, or practice study leave budgets. Don’t let this stop you applying – get in touch!

Why is the programme aimed at senior trainees?

We feel it is important that trainees have completed their exams, and can therefore fully commit to the programme. Any trainee participating should ideally be in the same trust/practice/workplace for the whole year of the programme. This continuity will make project work, and identifying projects easier.

What is expected of me during the programme?

  • Attending the launch event .
  • Attending a minimum of 70% PICH sessions and learning sets.
  • Meeting your local champion for a minimum of 3 meetings.
  • Learning about the programme’s themes through project work.
  • Completing the structured reflective portfolio

How time intensive will the programme be?

This programme will run alongside your clinical placements. You will be expected to attend at least 70% of seminars, meet your mentors at least 3 times and complete project work. Some of this will be outside of your working hours, some can be drawn from study leave or learning during your working day. The project work could be used as an alternative to your work-place based quality improvement projects. You are also expected to take part in at least one clinical activity that is different, or more integrated, for example a Learning Together clinic. Please discuss further with your educational supervisor or mentor. You should be able to do all of these within your post, or as study leave.

How will my application be assessed?

We are looking for applicants with a genuine interest in integrated care; however, we are not expecting you to be experts already. Applications will be anonymised and scored by two members of the PICH Faculty Team. We also require you to commit to complete the programme.

What kind of project work will this programme entail?

Your project work will be developed by you, and will depend on your interests and place of work – they may take very different forms –  be service improvement projects, looking at pathways, exploring patient experience etc. It might be that you complete one large project with lots of different elements addressing different themes, or several more discrete projects. Support with project development and write up will be provided by your local champion and your PICH mentor.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

By early October. This will allow you to liaise with your educational supervisor/trainer/rota co-ordinator, and book study leave for the launch

I won’t be at the same trust/workplace for the whole year – can I still apply?

You can apply and your application will not be penalised in any way, though we recognise it will be easier for trainees who are in the same trust to identify projects and supervisors.

How can I find a local champion with an interest in Integrated Care?

Your supervisor could be a local paediatrician, GP or other health professional within your locality with an interest in Integrated care. Once you are accepted on the programme we will help you identify the best person.

What if I don’t get accepted onto the programme? Is there any other way I can get involved?

Everyone is welcome to the PICH evenings on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. We can also help encourage you to find local champions who might support you in work and projects locally. For more information on PICH please follow the link below:


Where do I find previous seminar presentations and other documents?

Please look here:

Can you help me set up my own programme in my region?

We have created a guide specifically to help you do this: