Reflection documents for each theme

Throughout the year you will produce several pieces of work and you will have the opportunity to discuss these with your supervisor and to present your work  verbally to your PICH trainee group during the PICH Learning Seminars. You will be encouraged and supported to publish your work.

This section of documents – for PICH participants – gives you somewhere to start recording your reflections to support your learning. This may help you with your summative write up ready for submission in June.


Reflections by PICH participants

“Presenting the project was a great motivator to put my ideas together and to gain feedback. I was happy at how the presentation went, especially to receive positive feedback that we seemed to have gone about collecting patient experience information correctly, as I was a little uncertain about how to go about it. It was also confidence-boosting to hear that we had maybe achieved more than I had thought and that I did have something to show for the project input so far. We received lots of ideas about where to take the project from here…”

“Presenting the project was a really useful exercise, both to get feedback and to motivate me to put ideas together and realise how far I had come”

” You have all these preconceived ideas about what people want from a service, but the only way to find out is to ask them”