Why Integrated Care?

Why has this programme been developed?

This programme has been developed to prepare for future ways of working, as it is anticipated that much of paediatric care will take place outside of the hospital setting in the next few years. This programme will give paediatric and general practice trainees learning opportunities to be involved in that development while creating their own understanding and knowledge about integrated care.

Everything starts with patients needing joined-up care

The message from patients and parents is loud and clear:

  • “My health visitor told me to do one thing and the hospital told me something else. It’s confusing.”
  • “I only found out how to use my son’s inhaler properly when he has an asthma attack and was on the children’s ward.”
  • “No on seems to know who’s doing what. My severely disabled son has 3-4 appointments a week but I don’t think any of them talk to each other.”
  • “I prefer to see my GP – I know him and he’s looked after all my family for years.”

The integrated care challenge

Many health care professionals looking after children and young adults share the frustration of working in different trusts or organisations that prevent them from providing the best care for their patients. This is far from ideal and it is increasingly likely that paediatricians of the future will be working in a very different way than those in consultant posts today.

Belief in a more integrated future

Our hope is that this programme can encourage and enable the next generation to build the new world of integrated care, where more patient-centred and joined-up care is available.

“We want to get to a situation where it is the norm that children and young people (and others) receive care and treatment as part of a life course approach, receive patient centred care in age appropriate settings, where transitions and transfers are planned and supported, and where data is shared appropriately. This requires integrated teams, integrated working, and integrated / joint commissioning… integration around the needs of the child and family and not integration between layers within the system.”
Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum 2013

Where PICH fits